My Definition of Success

Inspired by Paul Millerd’s book The Pathless Path, I thought about how I define success and what kind of person I want to be.

For me, I am successful if I…

  • … don’t tie my success to financial numbers or status.
  • … do things because I want them to do, not because it gains me money or prestige.
  • … have great balance in all ‘Life Pillars’:
    1. Health: I am reasonably fit and don’t eat too much junk
    2. Family and Friends: I spend enough time regularly with people that are important to me
    3. Mind: I take the time that I need for myself to think and learn about things and I always stay curious
    4. Career: I have a job that I like and that pays a bit more than I need to live
  • … am reflected, humble, respectful and humorous.
  • … give honest and critical feedback when asked, and that I am positive, nice and cheerful and give compliments otherwise.
  • … am able to help the people around me with my time or with money.
  • … I realize when I’ve reached my ‘Enough’.
  • … live until 12.04.2100 😉

My Definition of Enough

If we don’t define «enough», we default to more which makes it impossible to understand when to say no.

Paul Millerd, the Pathless Path
  • Enough is the antithesis of unchecked growth because growth encourages mindless consumption and enough requires constant questioning, reflection and awareness.
  • Enough income means I can live my live with a bit of financial ease, and put something away for later.
  • Enough means knowing that I have close friends that would gladly open their door and share a meal if I was ever in need.
  • Enough is knowing that the clothes, fancy meal, or latest gadget will not make me happier, but also that buying such things won’t mean I’m going to end up broke.
  • Enough means to be aware of Lifestyle Inflation and to keep it in check.
  • Great short story about «enough»: The Parable of the Mexican Fisherman

Latest update: 26.04.2024