Hi there, I’m Rouven.

Here you find some information that no one really cares about.

But you are here anyways. You little stalker.

Why I Share My Work Online

  • CONNECTION: I like to connect with like-minded people
    • I am not special, if I like something and think it’s interesting, there will be others thinking the same
    • Obvious to me. Amazing to others:
      • Everybody’s ideas seem obvious to them. So maybe what’s obvious to me is amazing and helpful to someone else?
    • I look up to other bloggers and creative people sharing their stuff online, I love to rummage through cool personal websites (you should create one too!)
    • If you think some stuff that I care about is interesting, write me a message 😉
  • WRITING AND THINKING: I can clarify my thoughts and ideas by writing them down
    • Writing is thinking, and I like to think
    • I want to share things that my younger self would have wanted to know
    • When I only consume and read and watch I can’t keep the knowledge as good as when I properly think and write about these things as well
    • Sharing what I learn is a source of energy, not hard work I want to avoid. If you want to learn something, you should try teaching it to really understand the concepts in your own words
  • WORK IN PUBLIC: I like to Show My Work
    • I can get feedback and new ideas by interested people about things I care
    • Committing to things by making them public makes me feel accountable and helps me to focus on what matters to me
    • I want to not only consume from the public but also to create for the public

Support Me

If you like what I create, I would be honored and immensely grateful to be donated a coffee (I like cappuccino the most!) so I can work harder, better, faster and stronger on the next thing. 😉